The First Digital Art Release on VeVe

The first insight on NFT Catcher. The first digital art release on VeVe. Lets just jump right into it.

This Thursday, the ultra-popular digital collectibles platform VeVe, is slated to launch their eagerly anticipated Art Line with a strikingly beautiful release from artist Simone Legno.

If the art looks familiar, it is probably because you already own some of his work. The Italian artist is best known as the co-founder of the insanely popular brand Tokidoki, and you guessed it, the artist behind your beloved Mermicornos!

But his art isn’t all unicorns and mermaids. Simone is bringing one of his most anticipated and recognizable creations to the VeVe metaverse. Dragon Girl features a woman shrouded by a mythical creature and covered in vibrant Tokidoki themed tattoos. Like myself, you may have gotten a peek at the life-size sculpture at ComplexCon 2019 in Long Beach and have since been awaiting its release.

Legno recently stated on Instagram that he still plans to bring the image to life in the form of a vinyl sculpture, so hopefully, one day it can be viewed side by side with its VeVe counterpart.

While this release may not have gathered the hype of a wildly popular movie or cartoon, it’s the start of something huge for VeVe and the NFT world. Imagine being able to view some of your favorite artists, not only in your sacred mountain vault, but on the shelves in your own home.

As a longtime art and designer toy collector, I am ecstatic for the future of this line. We’ve all seen that collection VeVe CEO, David Yu, casually dropped on Instagram. Bring on the Hajime Sorayama, Ron English, and Takashi Murakami!

The Dragon Girl collectible will be available in 3D and Augmented Reality in four distinct colorways on Thursday, May 13, 2021 at 11:00 AM EST. This collection is available exclusively on the VeVe app.

by Rob Newman