Nigerian Artist Owo Anietie Brings African Culture And History To The Forefront Of NFTs With AfroDroids

  • Words by Team Catcher
  • Aug 30, 2021

Earth, the year 3045. Humans are gone. All that remains are the AfroDroids. Left with the consciousness of their creators, the AfroDroids now roam the planet alone. If that sounds like a movie, it’s because it should be — and when the project’s roadmap comes to life, it surely will be. Before jumping into that, let’s take a look at the man behind the vision.

Owo Anietie is an Afrofuturism artist from Lagos, Nigeria. Combining elements from African culture and blending them with technology, we see his vision, and that is when the AfroDroids come to life. Beads inspired by Nigerian tribes, earrings paying tribute to Kenyan fashion, and the Chieftaincy Caps, a symbol of power known across the continent. All these elements come together to create a unique, new take on the PFP generative project. In addition to creating the AfroDroids, Owo prides himself on releasing a new piece of art every single day, many of which increase the lore of the AfroDroids. However, Owo isn’t just an artist, he is a storyteller. Listening to him talk about the history of the AfroDroids through language, culture, and even lost civilizations, is informative and inspiring.

Behind every great NFT release is a great roadmap, and the AfroDroids are going full circuit to deliver you a roadmap from the future. All the details can be found on the site, but in short, you will be impressed with the rewards. To start, let’s just utter the phrase “free airdrops.” That’s right, AfroDroid holders will be airdropped a Companion Drone to take their digital side. Holders will also see 3D models of AfroDroids which will appear in some Metaverses. The team and community will also help develop Metaverse land where AfroDroids can come together and reminisce about the time before the humans were gone. Additionally, we will see the creation of Owo’s own Production Studio, and the 1CAC, the 1st Continent Art Collective. When the studio comes to life, it will bring endless opportunities to young and upcoming African artists. The ultimate goal of the studio is to create a feature film.

And if you weren’t already on the hook, how about 20% of sales goes directly to the Dream Catchers Academy charity. Also based in Nigeria, the Dream Catchers Academy is an educational and performing arts academy dedicated to improving the lives of undeserved girls. In addition to providing education, the girls are given food, shelter, clothing, and healthcare. Please take a moment to check out this wonderful organization.

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