Daniel Arsham Drops His First NFT and it Changes With the Seasons

  • Words by Team Catcher
  • May 22, 2021

The year is 3021. Pieces of our technology-driven past have decayed; they lay dormant, known now only as Relics. If any of this makes sense, you’re probably a fan of Daniel Arsham. The multi-discipline artist is set to drop his first NFT on Nifty Gateway tonight, and it is nothing short of amazing.

As mentioned above, some of Daniel’s most important work is the Relics series. This series of sculptures takes everyday items and turns them into crumbling objects, exposing their insides. Whether it's a cell phone, a basketball, or even a Pikachu sculpture, the details and imagery are powerful and memorable. Also, the artist recently headlined at the 2021 Ikea Art event, which aims to bring art and functionality together, turning heads with his Moving Clock. In addition to all that, he is putting out fashion collabs with Dior and serves as Creative Director for the Cleveland Cavaliers. So, let's hope LeBron’s impending return to Cleveland inspires even more future Relics.

Eroding and Reforming Bust of Rome is the title of the new NFT, and that’s pretty much an exact description—a bust that erodes over time and eventually reforms. However, this one takes a year. That’s right, a whole year. Every single day it will look different until it all crumbles away before reforming to its original form. This is crazy, mind-blowing, and beautiful all-in-one. The artist has also promised some surprise Easter eggs that will appear throughout the year, which makes it even more impressive.

The drop goes live on Nifty Gateway tonight at 7:00 PM EDT for only eight minutes. Check out the drop page and don’t miss out on an NFT that’s a first of its kind.

by Rob Newman