Burn the NFT or Burn the Painting, Damien Hirst’s Newest Collection Makes You Choose

  • Words by Team Catcher
  • Jul 20, 2021

Here is your chance at an original Damien Hirst piece of art for 2,000 dollars. Let me repeat that. Here is your chance at an original Damien Hirst piece of art for 2,000 dollars.

The world renowned artist’s newest collection, The Currency, is about to be unveiled and you still have time to apply to buy one. The application period is open for another 12 hours on Heni, a site that specializes in developing artist profiles across multiple mediums.

As stated above, you have to apply, and if you get picked, here’s how it’s going to work. You will receive a unique NFT from the series and you are given a choice. Keep the NFT, or trade it in for the same image painted on paper. If you want the painting, you have to burn the NFT. If you want the NFT, they will destroy the corresponding painting after a certain time period. So yeah, that’s quite the choice.

As much as I love NFTs, I think I would have to burn it and get the painting. Whether I pass it on to my kids, or hang it in my paper coffin, only time will tell. Additionally, the works on paper come with a whopping seven layers of counterfeit protection, ensuring its authenticity for many many years.

Love him or hate him, the conceptual artist has a pretty wild and iconic body of work. It may be dead sharks suspended in formaldehyde; a recreation of a pharmacy; even massive statues depicting the Greek gods. This time around, it’s Dots. And these Dots may go down as his most memorable work - art that future generations see in museums.

So are you feeling lucky? If so, head to Las Vegas, check into the $100,000 dollar a night Hirst themed suite at the Palms, and hit the tables. Actually don’t do that. Just apply on Heni and enjoy being part of this memorable event.

by Rob Newman