A Customizable NFT Project? Gangaroos Make it So.

Gangaroos is the first project of its kind to offer customizable minting.

Gangaroos are about to set a standard and introduce a new feature to our beloved PFP projects. For the first time ever, you can choose your own traits and decide how your very own PFP will look.

Gangaroos is a collection of 3,600 NFTs launching Saturday, October 2, 2021, on the Ethereum blockchain. And with the launch, they are debuting the groundbreaking Gangaroos Creator. And let me just say that the whole thing is pretty cool. You can take a look at the Creator on https://gangaroos.com/#mint and get a feel for how it’s going to work, but essentially, you’re allowed to pick from a whopping 450 traits to create your own completely unique Gangaroo. You decide the background, you decide the clothes, you decide everything. Will you create one based on how slick it looks, or will you be the first to grab up all the rare traits and build the rarest? With the Gangaroo Creator, the choice is yours.

If you’re not feeling the creative vibes and want to let the generator decide your fate, you still have that option. The team has created a Random option that does exactly that. The Random option is especially helpful if you’re looking to get a little inspiration and wanna see what everything looks like put together.

So, if you wanna design your own PFP, don’t miss your chance to hop on into this project which will surely change the way we mint going forward. Catch the drop Saturday!

Catch the Drop