Wishes in the Shadow of the Sun - #001

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When: Sun Aug 22 2021 05:00:00 -0400
Platform: KnownOrigin
Type: Fixed Price
Category: Art
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Wishes in the shadow of the Sun - #001

One of the younger lions in the ever-growing Blockchain jungle.

The #001 is wondering every night dear sun will you be back again?

If you look closely at the background just above his head, you'll find the Mayan sign for manifesting.

The fractal signs depict wishes sent to the universe.

You see a beating heart, I want to show that wishes from the - and with an open heart will help manifest whatever comes from the mind.

This drawing comes with a poem referring to this younger lion's questions in the night, wondering if the sun will rise again;

"Wishes in the Shadow of the Sun"

Dear Sun have you gone away?

There is no warmth without your rays,

no light, to lighten up the roads,

nowhere to go in darkness nothing shows...

With closed eyes seeking answers, I can’t find,

is it in this darkness they hide?

If you knew how many times I wished upon a star,

even the ones from up far.

And if by any chance they all would fall...

A wish on the fallen, I would call.

It would leave the moon lonely at night.

That’s how many times I'd wish for your bright.

I’m left in the shadow of the sun.

Darkness, even the stars are gone

I would paint stars on that empty canvas at night.

So I could wish for your warming light.

Here I am, waiting in the shadow of the sun.

Wishing for you, to take your place in the sky.

You belong up there, all the way up high.

And then the morning breaks, my wishes have been heard.

There you are, taking the darkness of the night away.

Bringing warmth, turned night into day.

lighting up the roads, but before I am on my way.

I just got one more thing to say;

“Dear Sun thank you for being there.”

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