Wednesday Dudes

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When: Wed Oct 13 2021 00:00:00 -0400
Drop Price: 0.033 Eth
Type: Fixed Price
Category: Avatar
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Wednesday Dudes is a collection of programmatically, randomly generated 10,000 NFTs with a variety of outfits, faces, colors, and backgrounds. Some traits occur only once and some toads are hand-drawn which makes them extremely rare.

We consider memes to be a real contemporary art, created by people and believe it’s unfair that NFT-community bypasses this culture and meme-creators don’t receive the rewards they deserve.

Memes express peoples’ thoughts, talk about what worries, amuses, or surprises them. Our task is to collect the history of the world. We are sure that by looking at the most relevant memes, you can restore the chronology of any events.

We’ll start by finding an OG meme author and reward him. On 50% of our roadmap, we’re going to start collecting gems of NFT owners and community members to create new collectibles and reward all authors with ETH.

In case of sold out, we run a special game with daily rewards for all the Dudes owners and donating 5% of the revenue to the frog protection foundation

Check out our roadmap on-site, cool collabs on OpenSea, and our smart contract: