Voxel-Gen : Console Geko Collection

Link: ⚡️ Visit Drop ⚡️
When: Fri Dec 24 2021 12:00:00 -0500
Drop Price: 25 US Dollar
No of Mints: 100
Type: Fixed Price, Open Edition
Category: 3D/AR, Art, Collectible, Gaming
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We are Voxel-Gen Clubhouse – Reimagine your Meta We are next-generation innovative voxel art creators and specialize in the aspect of creating high-quality digital images with the use of volumetric pixels (3D pixels) in the form of NFTS. Our creations will be available as collectibles, real-world Items identical to the NFTs we create, all the creations will feature the most wanted and rarest items and mints will be scarce. Every NFT purchase will give access to our clubhouse membership and provide access to the clubhouse. The first Voxel-Gen clubhouse collection is the Console Geko Collection, this collection focuses on the most iconic consoles created from the 1990s to the current era 2021 creating a visual storyline of the evolution of these consoles. The idea behind this collection is to bring a nostalgic feeling when looking at our NFTS bringing you back to your childhood or adulthood as we have all played a console, the feelings shared with those consoles are what brought the excitement. The excitement of all the games completed challenges faced, the heartbreak of scratched disks, red lights of I dare not say… and more experiences only you and that console would be able to express. Some if not all of you reading this may have already upgraded your gaming stations this is your chance to own your favourite consoles locked in time and space. We plan to also implement all our creations in the metaverse enabling our members to own these items in multiple digital worlds i.e., Sandbox. This is only the first of our collection and we will not be limiting ourselves to just consoles, the future for Voxel-Gen Clubhouse is innovative, we aim to create what no one else has created and will be creating our own avatars and more. Thinking outside the box and ensuring our members feel and see the quality of our designs. The NFTs will be displayed as rotating art forms to ensure the enjoyment of every aspect and angle of the console. This will not limit the options as once an NFT is purchased Voxel-Gen Clubhouse will also have a portal for the buyer to access a front-facing still NFT for use as a display picture or anything of their choosing. Voxel-Gen Clubhouse at this present moment consists of just two owners, we are gamers, we are inspired, we are entrepreneurs. Designs and all NFT creations are done by us in-house. We both influence our creations ensuring it encapsulates what we believe is a union of real-world and meta ensuring the highest quality and almost perfectly symmetrical design. Our work is of the highest quality, and we look forward to sharing these with our members. We aim to build a community of Voxel-Gen Clubhouse art collectors who will have the opportunity to have input as well as influence future collections with the opportunity to also to discuss amongst themselves what collectibles they have, trade & exchange, and in the future converge at the Voxel -Gen Clubhouse. As briefly explained previously each purchase will make you an instant member with access to the Clubhouse. Once we have established a large enough following the Voxel-Gen Clubhouse will open. The Clubhouse will be a place for members to gather, see upcoming future collections, meet the owners, and have even earlier access to all news and updates including exclusive club events and perks. The launch date for Voxel-Gen Clubhouse is the last week in December a specific date is yet to be confirmed however stay tuned and follow the Twitter and Instagram accounts for this news. The mints will be limited and once sold no more will be created. there are 10 consoles in the original collection with the added 3 special guests which we thought would be a nice addition to the current collection in total there will be 50 NFTs available making this collection undeniably exclusive. We have broken down the collections into 5 categories. Original *5/5 Mints available* $25 Rare *2/2 Mints available* $80 Ultra-Rare *1/1 mint available* $150 Extremely rare * 1/1 mint available* $300 - $400 Special Guests *1/1 mint available* $400 -$600 Each category and price will be specific to the console and colour we have designed, the mint is final, and once sold out no more will be made available. They will be sold on a first come first serve basis bring equality and making every sale fair. Opensea.com is the marketplace we have selected to use as our platform. We hope to start our next collection as soon as Console Geko goes live next week. We are excited to bring you this first collection from The Voxel-Gen Clubhouse the Console Geko collection, we hope you are excited too. This is the first of many collections and we will not limit ourselves, however, we aim to push our creations to the next level redefining what is possible with voxel art. so to put it briefly what we do is reimagine your Meta and we are Voxel-Gen Clubhouse.   Instagram: @Voxel-Gen Twitter: @Voxel_Gen