VeeFriends Series 2 (Public Mint)

When: Mon Apr 25 2022 00:00:00 -0400
Type: Fixed Price
Category: Avatar
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The highly-anticipated VeeFriends Series 2 is officially launching this month, starting with the “Friends List” on April 12. The collection will have a total of 55,555 NFTs, with each costing a mint price of $995 in Ethereum. All in all, there will be 251 characters, including 236 characters from Series 1 and 15 new characters.

Each Series 2 Character will have a total supply of 220 tokens (apart from Gift Goat, which will be 555 1/1s). Here’s the breakdown:

  • 214 tokens which will all be 1/1 uniquely generated combinations of the character in one of six different poses and in front of one of the fifty-five Series 2 backgrounds.
  • 6 Character Spectacular 1/1’s: Bubble Gum, Diamond, Hologram, Gold, Lava, and one new addition to the Spectacular family to be announced soon.

The total supply of Series 2 is 55,555 NFTs and with four mint periods to get a VeeFriends Series 2:

  1. Friends List (32,000 Supply) | Date: 4/12/22
  2. Series 1 Free Claim (10,255 Supply) | Date: 4/12/22
  3. Public Mint (10,000 Supply) | Date: 4/25/22
  4. 15 New Characters (3,300 Supply) | Date: 4/27/22

If you mint a Series 2 NFT, you can sell it on the secondary market if you please. However, the team will not reveal any character artwork until the public mint ends.

To check if you are eligible for the Friends List, simply head over to the Series 2 website. Then, click on the ‘Check Eligibility’ button and connect your wallet. The site will then let you know if you are eligible for the drop and how many mint allocations.

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