Link: ⚡️ Visit Drop ⚡️
When: Tue Nov 16 2021 00:00:00 -0500
Drop Price: 0.09 ETH
No of Mints: 1000
Type: Open Edition
Category: Collectible
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ToastPunk is about celebrating the old (the ‘real’ world) and the new (the ‘digital’ world). Every Sunday, the little kids (and the big kid) of our household would wake up, head straight to the kitchen, grab a few bottles of tomato (ketchup) sauce squeezies, cheese squares and bread slices, and start squirting designs of toast faces. We must have come up with over a hundred different combinations of toast faces over the years. From happy faces to sad faces, to pet faces, to alien faces and more (mainly inspired from Roblox game faces). Together, we decided it is time to challenge ourselves in making 1,000 unique toast faces to share with the world. Our promise is that each ToastPunk toast face will never be identical to the other and once we have completed (and minted) the 1,000th ToastPunk toast face NFT, we will hang up our squeezies and never come up with a new toast face design ever again. How to be a ToastPunk NFT owner? We've decided to make them available for 'minting' only via our website when you have a password. There are currently 4 drop stages left (Drop 2-5) as follows: - SOLD OUT! (Drop 1: #1-100) - 0.09 ETH (Drop 2: #101-500) - 0.19 ETH (Drop 3: #501-800) - 0.49 ETH (Drop 4: #801-950) - 0.79 ETH (Drop 5: #951-990) - RESERVED (Drop 6: #991-1000) Once all 1,000 is fully minted, the only way you can get one is by buying it from the secondary market. What are the benefits of owning a ToastPunk NFT? Once our collection is fully 'minted' by the first 1,000 owners and made available in the secondary market (OpenSea), we will proceed to the next phase where each ToastPunk holder gets access to ToastPunk's Crypto Casino and Metaverse Roadmap plans which includes the ability to setup energy stations to charge for 'energy' to the other active NFTs (i.e. Apes, Aliens, Punks, etc). The demand for this utility is what will support the increase of value of the ToastPunk NFTs held by owners. What will happen in Drop 6? In Drop 6, we will be 'minting' the final 10 ToastPunk's ourselves and based on community nominated charities, we will auction the final 10 in various real world auction houses with proceeds given to these charities (i.e. Feed The Hungry, Food Disease Preventions, World Hunger Associations, etc). What do I get as an Early Adopter? The Mint Hunt is currently live in our Discord server and we are currently in Drop 2 with the chase ongoing for the 100 only Special Edition ToastPunk's available from the full collection. As an Early Adopter, we have already given away over $10,000 in prizes and we have another $100,000 to giveaway including Gas Rebates, valuable NFTs from other live collections and more. We are a community focused project and we thrive on giving back to the community (versus spending lots of money on marketing)!