The Farmer GameFi Whitelisting

Link: ⚡️ Visit Drop ⚡️
When: Wed Dec 15 2021 00:00:00 -0500
Drop Price: 0.08 ETH
No of Mints: 4500
Type: Fixed Price
Category: Gaming
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The Farmer is a P2E social game based on the Ethereum blockchain. Players can earn SOIL, an in-game cryptocurrency, by farming their NFT plants. Gamers can spend SOIL to buy new plants or to use in-game features to help (or hinder the things) their friends. The core mechanics of The Farmer is weekly guild wars. Players can create guilds and compete for a massive SOIL prize every week, with the top guilds in return to be rewarded. The competition will push farmers to use good Boosts to increase their teammates' returns, and the bad Boosts to overtake other guilds and get higher rewards. Whitelisting for the Presale Mint has been started. Join Discord stay turned!