Teddy Dawg #HellaHood

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When: Sat Mar 05 2022 23:00:00 -0500
Drop Price: 0.1 ETH
No of Mints: 5572
Type: Drawing
Category: Avatar
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Earl is a former gangster who was born and raised in the hood, spent the last years of his life making free teddy bears for the children of poor families in order to make them happy, his main job is toy-making. As a result of the unfortunate chain of events that took place, he was betrayed, blamed by his friends and left alone. The intense loneliness and feelings of betrayal that he felt, led him to spend time with a teddy bear, the toy he first created, which he looked through Ted’s eyes and felt committed to like he was a son to Earl. He started to talk with the Ted, he picked up Ted and started repairing it. While he was opening up to Ted, with a needle and thread in his hand, a group of gangsters entered and shot Earl with a pistol. While Earl Said ‘’don’t let them push you away’’ while giving his last breath, Ted was standing there with stitch marks and the blood of its creator on it, began to move. Confused and frightened by the chaos which he was born into and feeling all the emotions at the same time, Teddy runs out of the house and starts running through the hood streets. After running for a while, he forgets the situation he is in for a moment. Startled by the clicks coming from the alley, he looks in that direction, looking at the cat that jumped out of the garbage cans, he saw the Teddy Bears decanted into containers. Ted, who feels his father’s loneliness deep in his soul, has decided not to leave these teddy bears that look like him to this loneliness and exclusion that his father has been pushed to. All night long, he carried this “6” bear to his father’s house and repaired their small wounds with a needle and thread that his father repaired him with. This strong bond between Earl and Ted has not been formed between Teddy and the other bears, and it has not brought them to life. Teddy tried to talk to them, but it didn’t work, he was disappointed, annoyed. Teddy randomly threw the thread. Looking again at the place where he threw it, he notices for the first time the door that attracts his attention, a dusty old door. When he opened the door, he realized that there were about 10 bears inside and that they were bears that Earl had made, even though he was not like himself. when he touches one of them, he feels the intense feelings that his father shared with him again, and seconds later, the bear he touched began to move. Teddy has regained hope after discovering that all the bears that passed through Earl’s hands are brought to life. They are no longer alone in this painful world of loneliness. Now they are connected to each other and make a promise that they will find the other bears and save them from the system that pushed them into this loneliness. This promise, which was their first step on this journey that evolved into ganging, gangsterism and illegal trade, was just the beginning for them. Systematically impoverished and forced to live in the poverty, these bears would no longer submit to the system, but rather would resist them by clinging to life in this cruel order.

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