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When: Tue Mar 29 2022 18:30:00 -0400
Platform: MakersPlace
Type: Fixed Price
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Why do things look so beautiful in our comfort zones? Because from fear of discovering something new, we rarely leave our spheres of familiarity.

In States, Patric Ortmann (MotionSickness) forces us to look outside our areas of comfort to discover new ways of being. Mimicking his own creative process, Ortmann challenges us all to break up our self-created spheres of existence, to consider each Aspect of our experience individually, and to reflect on our connection with those States.

Ortmann has designed each artwork in States as a collection of three unique collections. Each collection is comprised of two pieces representing a distinct Aspect of the artist’s subjective experience during his creative process and a third artwork representing the unified State overall. Collectors that win an auction for a “Full Aspect” will also receive the two individual Aspects.

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