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When: Sat Dec 18 2021 00:00:00 -0500
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It’s 2050 and, unfortunately, global warming has won the battle. It's getting too hot on planet earth and the ocean has started rising too high, destroying many homes and pieces of land. Our safest solution is to leave this planet, fly into space, and find a new home suitable for survival to start again...

And guess what? We got lucky! After many years of exploring the universe we have found some weird blocks floating far away above our heads. We can now say with precision that there are exactly 3333 blocks of land composed of water, dirt and even lava in it, suitable for life!

We need to move quickly, guys! We are actually loading our spaceships with various resource producing devices that we have on earth such as our solar panels, wind turbines, and even some oil drilling machines. (You never know what we will find on these different lands, right?).

The most difficult choice now is to select 3333 people to colonize these lands that we named SolPlaces...