Shogun S侍murais

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When: Sun Oct 17 2021 00:00:00 -0400
Type: Fixed Price
Category: Avatar
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ShogunS侍murais is a collection of 8,888 randomly generated NFT samurais residing in the Ethereum Blockchain.

Every S侍MURAI is unique and is created from over 100 hand-drawn traits. Each S侍MURAI dedicates their life to the pursuit of One of 8 Bushidō (武士道) moral codes—Justice (義, gi), Courage (勇, yū), Compassion (仁, jin), Respect (礼, rei), Integrity (誠, makoto), Honour (名誉, meiyo), Duty (忠義, chūgi), and Restraint (自制, jisei).