Roo Crew 💡

Link: ⚡️ Visit Drop ⚡️
When: Mon Sep 20 2021 20:00:00 -0400
Drop Price: 0.05 Eth
No of Mints: 5000
Type: Fixed Price
Category: Avatar
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All members of the Roo Crew team are publicly known – this is not an anon project. Roo Crew will remain community focused. That is why the collection is smaller (5,000) and cheaper (.05 ETH) than many other NFT projects. It is also why we are giving a large percentage of profits to charity (10+ ETH) and a community wallet (20+ ETH).

In addition to the charitable donations and the community wallet, we offer many exciting features that add value to the Roo Crew Community, including:

1. An interactive fighting game (this is our top priority for phase 2/3 of the roadmap).

2. Exclusive auctions/giveaways of the artist’s 1/1 artwork from the past 20 years.

3. Personal plots of land owned by Roo Crew in Sandbox (e.g., private lodging in Roo Olympic Village).

4. Free Roos with customized jerseys and/or other requested traits.

5. Free joeys for holders.

6. Older/grown up versions of those Joeys based on how long they are owned.

7. Personalized portraits/artwork of community members on the HOF wall.

8. Personalized animations and short films with cameos of Roos and even members of the Roo Crew community.

9. Grants/Scholarships + Twitter/Discord support for community members to launch their own NFT project.

10. Free DFS tournaments with prizes for Roo holders (We already started this for the NFL on DraftKings).

11. Free poker tournaments with prizes for Roo holders (Poker professional Chris Moneymaker played in the most recent one).

12. Raffles for Roo holders:

<101-600> winner receives .5 eth

<0-1000> winner receives a Fatales NFT

<1001-2000> winner receives a Star Sailor Sibling NFT

<2001-3000> winner receives a Visitor NFT

<3001-4000> winner receives an Art Block Factory NFT

<4001-5000> winner receives a Bloot NFT

<0-5000> winner receives a Lazy Lion NFT