Righteous Rhinos Support Group

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When: Sat Dec 04 2021 00:01:00 -0500
No of Mints: 11000
Type: Fixed Price
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The Righteous Rhinos are an 11k hand-drawn art generative NFT project created, curated, and coded by one individual artist Charles Keator aka Raw_Chi_png! These are multi-dimensional Rhinos that once lived here on Earth until one day 21 different wormholes emerged and zapped all of the remaining rhinos here on Earth across the galaxy and into another dimension. When they made their journey across the galaxy the Rhinos underwent millions of years of evolution in a matter of seconds and when they emerged, they landed on a completely different planet. This planet is known as Earth 4168 the Home of the Rhinos and the Rhinoverse. This new-discovered Earth had signs of a previous civilization, but there were no signs of life. When the Rhinos realized that they were smarter, stronger, and faster than their previous ancestors they began to build immediately and improve the cities of this old civilization. They learned how to harness the power of the wormhole they emerged from and it helped supply power to their cities and sustain their newly founded Community in an eco-friendly way! The Rhinos also use the Wormholes for intergalactic space and time travel and are able to rip open portals with their own personal portal gun issued by the Galactic Institute of Rhinos. The Rhino began creating the most Righteous places within their support for one another like The Watering Hole, The Jackbox Slot, The Funky Horns, The Raw Cade, The Rhino Salon, and so much more! As the Rhino civilizations developed, they became factions, sanctions, districts, and gangs of the rhinos that started to form within the community each one having special traits and stats that serve as service to their Rhino brothers and sisters. As they exist in this new Metaverse the Rhinos use this newfound power of time and space travel to be able to travel to different metaverses, discover new characters within their own universe, and expand their Righteous vibes across the entire NFT metaverse and projects! The Rhinos also want to be able to provide support by creating a local and international “Righteous Artist Collective” to North Central Florida. The Rhinos plan on using this facility to bring the community opportunity to learn about these new technology advancements and provide an opportunity to those who are underprivileged and not able to access the same opportunities as others, by providing learning strategies, seminars, and support local artists launch themselves into the crypto space. There will be derivatives and rights are given to the owner of the Rhino and are allowed to do whatever they feel like with their Rhino!! It’s up to you the owner of the NFT! The Rhinos plan to also launch a “Righteous Charity” that is attached to 1k of the Rhino NFTs within the collection. 10k Rhinos will be used as a part of the project that creates the foundation for expanding the project and the first sales of the other 1k will be used specifically to donate to Rhino conservation efforts through as the first donation of the Righteous Charity that is attached to the Righteous Rhinos! The secondary sales will be set to 12%, 6% to go to the Righteous Charity and Righteous Artist Collective, and 6% back into Rhino and environmental efforts. Over the last 8 months, I (Charles Keator) have developed the art and over 600 attributes to the most Righteous Rhinos on the blockchain! Learned how to code the generative part of the project, building the smart contract, and utility! In addition to this, I am also responsible for the website, discord, and social media marketing part of the project. I am currently in talks with collaborating with local, statewide, and international artists for collaborating on new and exciting expansions to our projects. I am also pursuing a BA in Multimedia and Video Production in North Central Florida, work at the University of Florida, in their science Agronomy Department, and have sponsored an event to be held in my local community. I have been a self-supported artist for the past 10 years and have experience working with both small-scale and large-scale productions and projects. I am building every block of the project from the ground up and will be hosting a series of local and social community onboarding efforts to be able to grow our community organically and naturally from the start! The utility is described in our Roadmap AND we have a Whitepaper that describes how we will reach those goals, how we will overcome obstacles, and plans for expanding into both the physical and digital spaces. Our drop date and location may turn out to be Art Basel in Miami since we are dropping on 12/4/21 we thought this would be a Righteous event to throw! If we can't make it through, we will be throwing an alternative event just for the project in North Central Florida for a big NFT event that is being thrown by Raw Chi and the Righteous Rhinos Support Group! Follow our socials @righteousrhinos and @raw_chi_png to join the community, support the project/artist and stay informed with the most updated preview of what the Rhinos look like! More is coming soon from this Righteous NFT Community, Project, and Artist! Stay tuned and stay Righteous!