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Our Vision is to create a Metaverse Record Label with Physical Studios Around the WORLD to empower emerging artists and give them a chance to create the Metaverse Music Industry from the ground up. We will create the biggest Metaverse Music Arena till date by purchasing Mega-Plots in Sandbox and Decentraland. 
The power to sign artists and organize concerts will be democratically held by the Holders of the Project and the income generated through our Music Arenas and Label Deals will be equally distributed among our Holders through our revolutionary Staking & Tokenomics. Rapixo NFTs will also serve as a Lifetime Pass to Virtual and Physical concerts around the world!

Our Founders @MC.doom and @slatty are both Music Artists and Entrepreneurs that have worked very closely with Record Labels and Concert Arenas .They came up with the idea of Rapixo after witnessing the monopoly Record Labels create over the artists signed to them, along with their lack of innovation to fully integrate the Music Industry with Web 3.0.” 

There is a gap in the market and they’re doing incredibly so far to set up the next stage of the music industry by integrating DeFi and Music. Most importantly is very passionate on what they’re doing which is reflecting in their work

I also know Gary Vee amongst many others influential figures within the community are big on NFT being integrated towards the music industry and rightfully so.

I’ve posted their roadmap below, let me know your thoughts, Looking forward to setting something up

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