Polar Bear Party Club

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When: Sat Dec 18 2021 12:00:00 -0500
Type: Fixed Price
Category: Avatar
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In The Beginning, the Polar Bears used to live on the North Pole. They had everything they needed – a beautiful home, friends and a family. The Polar Bears love parties, and that’s why they met each other every night in their bar to party. Their bar was like a second home for them, and they had no worries there. The world couldn’t be better for our friends.

But one day they noticed, their home was melting. They tried everything they could to stop it, but the climate change was stronger. So it continued to melt until their home was completely destroyed and with it their beloved bar. The chaos separated all Bears, and now everyone searches for a new home. Now it is your mission to adopt the bears and give them a new home. Let us bring the Polar Bear family together again and build a new Clubhouse. We want to create a place like the Polar Bear Party Club, where the community can hang out and have a great time with their friends. Once every Bear have a home, we celebrate a big party with all the holders. The only question that remains will be: “Wen moon?”