Poet Tree Life Times

Link: ⚡️ Visit Drop ⚡️
When: Mon Apr 11 2022 16:00:00 -0400
Drop Price: 0.1 ETH
No of Mints: 15000
Type: Fixed Price
Category: Utility
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PoetTree LifeTimes is your utility to solve any problem in the world with timestamps to feature collaborations and lifeforms to earn rewards. iOS and Android apps provide collectible creation and Shopify provides gateway to fund any charity with tax deductible donations. Secure IP rights to your poetic verses or donate them to fund charities and solve problems. Play to earn and reinvent the ancient Japanese tradition of collaborative poetry to create “The Book of Leaves” as sought by Leonardo da Vinci to solve all problems in the world by sharing your ideas as branches on trees to be revised and arranged into constantly evolving poetic versions.

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