Pixetablos II Drop

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When: Sun Aug 29 2021 10:00:00 -0400
Type: Fixed Price
Category: Avatar
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I’m dropping my second artwork in the Pixetablos series, number II. Available for sale. I’m an artist in NYC making “Pixetablos” = pixel + retablos. Series started in August of 2021.

I am using the traditional Latin American/Latinx format of small devotional paintings on tin (retablos), usually a prayer or wish for someone in need and I’m making them in hand drawn digital form using Procreate on an iPad.

The first series is: “Pixetablos: Peace & Love NYC”. As I walk around NYC I photograph people in neighborhoods in all five boroughs and listen to what I hear people talking about and then draw them digitally and offer up a written prayer on the Pixetablo itself for the community. 10% of each sale, in perpetuity, goes to the non-profit Legal Aid Society which has been helping immigrants for free for 145 years in NYC.