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When: Sun Nov 14 2021 18:00:00 -0500
Type: Fixed Price
Category: Avatar
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The worlds first NFT Standards Institute.

Panda? Asks the real questions on the blockchain. There are so many things in the crypto world right that are unanswered. Why is a digital image worth so much? What is its real value? Why is it valuable? Is it about the art itself, or is it about something else entirely? Panda? Is about exploring answers to all these unanswered questions. We want to establish a research team to investigate and develop real world use-cases that bring value through NFTs. We want to invest in assets as a community with the proceeds from our project. We want the blockchain to be a better and safer place to be and bring change the world. It is imperative for our project that we have an engaging community, one that is empowered to drive the direction of the project.

PANDA? is initially a generative NFT collectible project of 10,000 unique digitally drawn red-pandas, where each collectible is enshrined onto the Ethereum Blockchain. An incredible design is just one aspect of the project, where the ultimate goal is to establish Panda? as the worlds first, and leading, NFT Standards Institute.