night dive

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When: Wed Apr 06 2022 17:00:00 -0400
Drop Price: 0.1 ETH
No of Mints: 25
Type: Fixed Price
Category: Music
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Almost exactly 3 years ago, in the early spring of 2019, we were beginning to release songs from our debut album, komorebi. It was our first time releasing a full fledged record, on a major label. It was our first time releasing videos alongside our work, and our first time really diving into the whirlwind that the music industry can be.

We always tend to create far ahead of our next release, so as we began to show komorebi and ourselves to the world, we were processing our experiences and beginning to craft what we believed to be our next release. The earliest of songs were written in hotels ranging from Berlin to the Florida panhandle. We dreamed of a sleek, groove driven record, where subtle polyrhythms gave the listener a distinct head bop. We strove to expand our manipulations of guitars beyond the licks, lines and textures we’d established. For all of these inspired intentions, this record never saw the light of day, as our vision didn’t seem to resonate with our team at large.

‘night dive’ is such a meaningful song to bring to sound for our first drop here. it’s about the frustrations of the conventional music industry, where money and metrics seem to dictate movement more than an artist’s vision does. it’s a song that details how being fresh and new in a pre-existing system can be a toxic affair and a fast ride, leaving a person confused when they get out of the proverbial car.

it’s a song that wasn’t able to surface back where we were, but has found a home here in web3 where art and community are valued. and for that we are very grateful

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