Link: ⚡️ Visit Drop ⚡️
When: Fri Aug 20 2021 23:55:00 -0400
Platform: OpenSea
Drop Price: 0.01 Eth
Artist: kanyo
Type: Fixed Price
Category: Collectible
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NeoFrames is a unique, minimalist art collection. Each crafted in a hyper-contemporary geometric style, NeoFrames are suitable for physical and metaverse display, album artwork, collecting, trading and any other creative use cases by holders.

Unlike other collections in the NFT art space, NeoFrames keeps supply low, securing the rarity of NeoFrames for the benefit of each holder. New mints will drop only as previous NeoFrames are purchased from the collection

At just 0.01 ETH, NeoFrames are affordable and accessible to anyone from first time NFT buyers to experienced NFT art collectors.

Created & Designed by kanyo.