Motification Three - FUCK IT

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When: Wed Sep 01 2021 07:00:00 -0400
Platform: KnownOrigin
Drop Price: 0.35 Eth
Artist: YEAH BOiii COLE
Type: Fixed Price
Category: Art
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"MOTIFICATIONS" is a collection of short pieces that merge performance art, ANTI-FASHION, multimedia mind fucks, and meditative affirmations from my system of self maximization, "AGGRESSIVE KINDNESS".

MOTIFICATION 3 - FUCK IT features CATULA : half cat half spatula. CATULA, who is also a human critic and vegan vampire, leads us on a very simple but powerful breathing meditation from his BURGER UFO.

The FUCK IT meditation is very strenuous and effective if done for 1 - 5 minutes. Upon the inhale, we collect all the trauma, pain, anxiety, and useless psychic garbage deep into our chest. As we strongly exhale, we let go of all these things that hurt and weaken with us as we speak the simple and profane mantra "FUCK IT".

*high res file available to primary collector by request