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When: Mon Dec 27 2021 12:00:00 -0500
Drop Price: 0.1 ETH
No of Mints: 3333
Type: Fixed Price
Category: Art
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A MetaTruck is composed of three Component NFTs: a cab, a trailer, and a driver. These three components may be combined to form a Completed MetaTruck NFT. (The collision shop will be built after this product’s release.) When the 3 Component NFTs are burned, a single Completed MetaTruck NFT is minted. Our Garage uses existing NFTs to build new NFTs. MetaMotors will have 3,333 NFTs. Our Garage has enough parts to produce 1,100 Completed Trucks. These consist of: 1,100 Cabs, 1,100 Trailers, and 1,100 Drivers. There will also be 33 Special Edition NFTs which cannot be purchased and only earned. All 3,300 Components are imprinted with 1 of 33 unique brands of varying levels of rarity. Select Component NFTs — up to 110 of 3,300 — will be minted with a Sticker. There are 11 Sticker types (with differing rarities as well). Component NFTs with Stickers are considered rarer and more unique. MetaMotors produces two types of Completed MetaTruck NFTs: Mutant Trucks and Flawless Trucks. A Mutant Truck is a junkyard “abomination” of branding, composed of Component NFTs that do not match each other. A Flawless Truck is uniform in its branding, composed of three matching Component NFTs. Every Completed Truck NFT is given a unique name by the MetaMotors crew. This is your opportunity to make your own NFT. The Component NFTs will be distributed at random, but you have complete control over how you combine them to create a Completed MetaTruck. You, the community, will choose which 1,100 trucks the world requires from a variety of options. Create the truck of your dreams, the one that brings out the artist in you. MutantTrucks and Flawless Trucks both have a Loading Option. When the Loading Option is selected, a special Sports car NFT’s are “Loaded” into the trailer. A Physical 1:43 scale Sports Car is made in the “real-world”. The Physical Sports car is an exact replica of the Sports car NFT. Once the loading option is chosen, there’s no going back. Once these race cars are completed, they will be sent to their respective owners so the owners can drive and practice using them if they so choose. Physical races will take place across the USA and EU a few months after the collision shop is opened. Our plan is to partner with a real racing 1:43 scale race car that can be raced with your phone acting as the controller. The car will be made, wrapped to match your NFT and shipped to your home so you can hone your racing skills. We will open up the race scheduler in the coming months. Owners will be invited to race their cars against other car owners. Website Launching Soon www.MetaMotors.Art