Mammoth NFTs

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Drop Price: 0.1 ETH
No of Mints: 4000
Type: Fixed Price
Category: Avatar
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he Mammoth NFT project is here to create change. The climate change crisis is one that needs innovative new ideas to make any impact and so that is why Mammoth NFT's have partnered with Pleistocene Park.

Pleistocene Park is an incredible initiative that is attempting to restore the mammoth steppe ecosystem. Replacing the currently unproductive northern ecosystem in Siberia.

We would encourage everyone to go and look into the project in more detail at the link below. The science behind the project is truly innovative! (

Restoration of the Pleistocene Era grazing ecosystems can have a cooling effect of the climate. This effect happens through a number of factors, Permafrost Carbon Preservation, Carbon Sequestration, The Albedo Effect and Methane Emission Reduction. These are all aided by bringing back a grazing ecosystem that hasn’t been present for thousands of years. Current animal density is 100 times lower than during the Pleistocene Era, this is something that we can all help with!

Building a community that is enthusiastic about NFT's and creating a positive impact in the world is our goal as this will help to firstly gain exposure to a great environmental project and also help with fundraising to help expand the parks size and animal population.

The park is already established and currently generates funding through NGO's registered in Germany and The USA, we will be donating to the Park through one of these.