Magic Mushroom Mafia

Link: ⚡️ Visit Drop ⚡️
When: Wed Oct 20 2021 23:55:00 -0400
Drop Price: 0.03 ETH
Type: Fixed Price
Category: Avatar
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Magic Mushroom Mafia is a collection of 4,999 Magic Mushroom NFTs — unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain.

4982 Magic Mushrooms have been programmatically generated. These mushrooms are generated using different traits such as mouths, eyes, clothes, arms, legs and headwear. There are 17 custom-made Magic Mushrooms in this launch that are by far the rarest. Some traits are rarer than others. Every mushroom is cool but some are going to be more valuable based on the rarity of the mushroom’s traits.

Every Mushroom is sold for the same price. The rare mushrooms are randomly distributed throughout the drop. We don’t think it’s cool to charge more for rare Mushrooms, we want all members of our community to have a chance. Every Magic Mushroom will be 0.03 ETH to mint. Limited to 5 per transaction.

This NFT collection is expected to sell out within hours.