Love Language

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When: Wed Mar 02 2022 18:30:00 -0500
Platform: MakersPlace
Type: Fixed Price
Category: Art
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he best way I know how to communicate is through color, paint, shape and symbol. Here in "Love Language" each solitary item swirls with the next to create the sheet music of someone's love life. A visual ethnographic journal no matter what language you speak or what culture you're from, one can read this poem and understand it’s meaning. Love is the role of the dice, love is a melody, love is a fire, love is universal.

This visual vocabulary with icons and abstract gestures finds its way to you not restricted by any form. It all bleeds, drips and moves to its own rhythm. History from the past, adventures from the future and the colors of a lover present are all active and dance on each of these editions. Is it a myth or is it the real way you remember it? Is it just how it happened or it is your own love language in the form of POP, LUCK, SEX and HIGH. Whatever colors and elements one chooses to describe their ride to the heart of another, it will be understood and shared in love.

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