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When: Sun Oct 31 2021 18:00:00 -0400
Type: Fixed Price
Category: Avatar
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What are LOLPOPs?

LOLPOPs is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated, unique and photorealistic NFTs that live on the Ethereum Blockchain.

They came to life with a single mission: to sweeten the entire metaverse.

LOLPOPs were born out of a sincere act of love: my daughter gifted me a LOLPOP. As it sat on my desk, it started to find a life of its own. Slowly but surely, the one LOLPOP opened a portal for a bunch of its friends and foes to make their way into our lives. Because I believe that a bit of sweetness can make the whole world a better place, I wanted to personally bring them to you. You can get your very own on Ethereum as an NFT, and more in the future. Let's see what LOLPOPs have in store for us!

Blockchain: Ethereum

Total supply: 10,000

Mint price: 0.08 ETH + GAS

Mint location:

Drop: October 31st, 23:00 (UTC)

Whitelist: First 250 people in discord + 750 additional whitelist spots for people who invite 2 members to discord.