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When: Thu Apr 21 2022 18:30:00 -0400
Platform: MakersPlace
Type: Fixed Price
Category: Art
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This holographic NFT (or “HNFT”) is the first of its kind — combining history and technology, physical and digital assets in the sale of a unique NFT, which will be up for auction on MakersPlace on April 21st.

With the unlockable photogrammetry image included in the purchase of this work, you can explore the canvas in never before possible detail. The hologram is generated by rotation at very high speed (900 rotations per minute) of four blades containing 256 micro LEDs and microprocessors, which use an algorithm to compose the work in the air. The apparatus is contained within a crystal case of 73cm x 73cm x 12cm.

And with La Bella Principessa, you don’t even have the opportunity to view the work in person as it is one of the few remaining Leonardo’s in private hands. The original work is under lock and key held in the Geneva freeport.

The original will be part of an exhibition at a world renowned European institution this Fall, but it is not on permanent loan to a museum and has, to this point, only been on display three times since its revised attribution in 1998. The unlockable image brings new capabilities for viewing, and the hologram creates another life for the work in the physical world.

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