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When: Tue Oct 26 2021 18:30:00 -0400
Platform: MakersPlace
Type: Fixed Price
Category: Art
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Entering into a new phase of work, LA based artist Amir H. Fallah pulls from his own archive of paintings to produce works that exist solely in the digital realm, releasing his first ever NFT editions on MakersPlace. Portraits of veiled figures capitalize on ambiguity to skillfully weave fact and fiction, questioning how to create a portrait without representing the physicality of the sitter. While the stories that surround his subjects are deeply personal and are told through the intimate possessions they hold most dear, Fallah’s work addresses generational immigrant experiences of movement, trauma, and celebration.

By appropriating elements of children’s book illustrations, advertising, art history and popular culture into his compositions, Fallah interrogates systems of representation embedded in the history of Western art. Images are flattened, layered, and stacked, calling attention to the psychological space of borders, identities, and histories. The lines between traditional painting and digital production become blurred beyond recognition. Through this process, Fallah employs nuanced and emotive narratives that evoke an inquiry about identity, the immigrant experience, and the history of portraiture.