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When: Fri Nov 12 2021 13:00:00 -0500
Drop Price: 0.06 ETH
No of Mints: 9465
Type: Fixed Price
Category: Avatar, Collectible, Gaming, Token, Trading Card
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STORYLINE SYNOPSIS: After the last great war, the New World State, a single, global and decentralized governing body with a global decentralized system was established. The New World State had inherited many from the old war with many issues on the table to deal with but without any doubt, criminal mastermind Jimmy Pusslips' Crime Syndicate, or the OutLawZ, was one of the biggest obstacles on the long awaited peaceful days. Pusslips and the OutLawZ had to be brought down and locked up in the giant prison built on Kraker's Island to establish peace by real means. Each and every one of OutLawZ must be turned into InMateZ.. THE PROJECT: InMateZ Club NFT Collection is a collection of 10.000 NFTs on ETH blockchain, all unique and generated using more than 150 traits including background, body type/dress, items such as tattoos, hair/headpiece and etc. InMateZ NFT is the 1st stage in building the Pusslips Crime Syndicate (PCS) Metaverse. 2nd stage will be OutLawZ NFT (an OutLawZ NFT will be rewarded to collectors for every 3 InMateZ NFT being held), another collection of 10.000 NFTs, while the 3rd stage and ultimate goal will be the PCS NFT Game. PCS NFT Game is a play to earn game palyed with InMateZ & OutLawZ NFTs and add ons. PCS NFT Game takes place in 2 worlds of the Pusslips Metaverse, Kraker's Island Prison and the streets of New World State in turns. Collectors owning NFTs from both InMateZ and OutLawZ NFT collections will be allowed to play in both worlds. A huge percentage of the generated revenue from add on sales will be distributed among the game leaderboard on a monthly basis. ROADMAP: 0% of InMateZ Sold- InMateZ NFT Launch 50% of InMateZ Sold- Start of total quantity of 500 InMateZ NFTs Airdrops, Pusslips Crime Syndicate Board of Directors Activation (Eligible Members to discuss, vote and make decisions about the project) 70% of InMateZ Sold- OutLawZ NFT Launch, OutLawZ rewards distribution (an OutLawZ NFT will be rewarded to collectors for every 3 InMateZ NFT being held). 100% of InMateZ & OutLawZ Sold- PCS NFT Game Launch