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When: Tue Dec 07 2021 12:00:00 -0500
Platform: Wax
Type: Fixed Price
Category: Trading Card
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These HodlGod Series 2 NFT packs contain 6 NFTs each (three Immortal Shards and three badges). HodlGod warriors can forge the four matching shards of any of our new Immortal Gear warriors to claim the gear and equip it in-game. These new warriors - Proteus Shroud, Stained Rubeus, Elektrum Strike, and Solid Aurum - are mythical, awe-inspiring… and ready for battle.

These NFTs will earn an APR of 85% on WhenStaking and enjoy staking capacities ranging from $20 to $1,800 (for the VOID Portal Badge: $1800)!
Check out the full staking capacity breakdown here. The minimum possible staking power of the NFTs in any one pack is $120.

Price: $99.99, Max Quantity: 5000

Shard Rarities:

  • Solid Aurum Shard: 50%
  • Stained Rubeus Shard: 25%
  • Proteus Shroud Shard: 15%
  • Elektrum Strike Shard: 10%

Other Rarities:

  • Basic Shield: 30%
  • Conqueror’s Shield: 25%
  • Transcendent Shield: 15%
  • Skull King Shield: 13%
  • Shield of Trapped Souls: 10%
  • Astral Demon Shield: 6%
  • VOID Portal Badge: 1%