Fearless Honey Badger Squad

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When: Fri Dec 17 2021 14:00:00 -0500
Type: Fixed Price
Category: Avatar
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Fearless Honey Badger is a collection of 5555 unique, hand-drawn and randomly-generated NFTs. We took our inspiration from art & next generation technology. We wish to form and be a part of an exclusive community and carve out a niche for our community in the blokchain universe. By purchasing the Fearless Honey badger, you have entered our community with exclusive rights. Our hope is to create a true community and advance our community day by day. The fearless honey badger project is the beginning of a long road.
Our team’s focal point is to have an important place for our valuable community, who support us, in the blockchain and metaverse. Thus we will be your representative in this universe. Our team has already started to lay the foundations of future projects and has achieved certain progress. On this fearless path, we are guided by raffles, prizes, products belonging to our group, the NFT comics series, the games, the future big blockchain investments from our community and a lot of excitement await. Join our exclusive community now and start enjoying being fearless !!