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When: Wed Oct 27 2021 12:00:00 -0400
Platform: Wax
Type: Fixed Price
Category: Trading Card
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What is DeepMine?

It is an NFT-based metaverse game featuring unusual cooperative mechanics and game plot. In-game open economy allows various gaming scenarios so that every player can choose the role that fits them best considering time and effort.

The ultimate game activity is to use mines and mining equipment to receive DME (a native game currency) which serves as the energy to sustain the life of humanity and realize the plan of building a portal inside Eleazar core. The utmost efficacy of the process requires joint efforts from the players, including DAO and political parties creation.

Key Features

  • In-game cryptocurrency tokens mining
  • Players own their assets and can freely trade and exchange them
  • Unique P2P (player to player) minting system of gaming NFTs
  • Open economy, integrated with WAX and AtomicHub
  • NFTs Upgrade system
  • Unique cooperation mode
  • Business tycoons and ventures
  • Political parties
  • R&D career paths
  • Live and evolving game story

White Paper -

Blockchain - WAX

Price - $499 $99 $20

Sale starts: 18:00 (CET) October 27.

Sale ends: 18:00 (CET) October 29.