Dale Earnhardt Jr. Victory Lap Collection - The 88 Engine

Link: ⚡️ Visit Drop ⚡️
When: Mon Feb 07 2022 16:00:00 -0500
Platform: Autograph.io
Drop Price: 300 US Dollar
Type: Fixed Price
Category: Collectible
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When is the drop for the Dale Earnhardt Jr. Victory Lap Collection?

Autograph is excited to announce its partnership with racing legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. For Dale’s first NFT collection, Autograph will be releasing four (4) types of NFTs as its commemoration and celebration of Dale’s induction to the NASCAR Racing Hall of Fame (which took place on 1/21/2022). The table below provides the basic information on drop timing. Please keep an eye out for the official Terms and Conditions specific to this Drop!

#NFT NameDrop TypeDrop Start TimeDrop End Time
1Dale Jr. - Heritage CardDirect SaleThursday (2/03) at 3pm ETwhile supplies last
2Dale Jr. - Legacy CardDirect SaleThursday (2/03) at 4pm ETwhile supplies last
3Dale Jr. - The Victory LapFiat AuctionMonday (2/07) at 3pm ETWednesday (2/09) between 5:00 - 5:15pm ET*
4Dale Jr. - The 88 EngineDirect SaleMonday (2/07) at 4pm ETwhile supplies last

(*) - See next section for additional information on the fiat auction drop end time

How will the fiat auction work on DraftKings?

  • DraftKings has set up fiat auctions as “candle auctions”
  • A candle auction has a set start time (e.g. 3:00pm ET on 2/07/22 for this Dale Earnhardt Jr. fiat auction)
  • Rather than having a set end time, a candle auction has a window of time in which it could end (e.g. between 5:00pm ET and 5:15pm ET on 2/09/22)
  • DraftKings utilizes a random time generator to determine the specific time within the end time window that the auction actually ends. This helps to ensure integrity of auctions.
  • The undisclosed end time is used to limit sniping and ensure fairness

How many of each Dale Earnhardt Jr. collectible will be available? Which ones are signed? How much do they cost?

#NFT NameSigned or UnsignedPrice TypePriceEdition Count
1Dale Jr. - Heritage CardUnsignedDirect Sale PriceUSD $30#’d / 2,500 total
2Dale Jr. - Legacy CardUnsignedDirect Sale PriceUSD $60#’d / 1,000 total
3Dale Jr. - The Victory LapSignedMinimum BidUSD $5,000#’d / 1 total
4Dale Jr. - The 88 EngineSignedDirect Sale PriceUSD $300#’d / 100 total

What are the collector score points & challenges associated with this Collection?

Each NFT as a part of this collection has a certain number of collector score (CS) points associated with ownership of that NFT. See table below for the CS point values by NFT.

#NFT NameSigned or UnsignedEdition CountCS Points*
1Dale Jr. - Heritage CardUnsigned2,500130
2Dale Jr. - Legacy CardUnsigned1,000290
3Dale Jr. - The Victory LapSigned18,050
4Dale Jr. - The 88 EngineSigned1002,330

In addition to CS points for ownership of individual NFTs, there are CS points associated with the completion of certain challenges. See table below for the CS point values associated with the completion of each challenge.

#Challenge NameCollectibles Required to Complete ChallengeCS Bonus Points*
1The 88 Challenge3: Dale Jr. - Legacy Card, Dale Jr. - Heritage Card, Dale Jr. - The 88 Engine2,400
2The Victory Lap Challenge4: Dale Jr. - Legacy Card, Dale Jr. - Heritage Card, Dale Jr. - The 88 Engine, Dale Jr. - The Victory Lap10,450

(*) - All CS point values are subject to change at the discretion of Autograph. For more details on collector score and how it's calculated, please review our blog entry on that topic!

What is the utility associated with this Collection?

In addition to the CS points associated with each collectible / challenge, each of the signed NFTs included in the Dale Earnhardt Jr. Victory Lap Collection comes with additional utility. See table below for a breakdown of the utility for each of those NFTs

NFT NameUtility Description
Dale Jr. - The Victory LapAuction winner does a “Ride with Dale Jr.,” furnished by The Dale Jr. Foundation, and receives a signed Dale Jr. helmet & gloves as a “takeaway” from that in-person experience* (see below for additional details*)
Dale Jr. - The 88 EngineHolders at the “Activation Deadline” will be eligible to participate in an exclusive Zoom Q&A event with Dale Jr. As a part of the Q&A, Dale will show users how to deconstruct an engine as the basis of how the engine NFT was created. Dale will also answer user questions!

Note: The “Activation Deadline” for the “Dale Jr. - The 88 Engine” collectible listed above is set for 2pm ET on February 25, 2022 but subject to change in Autograph's sole discretion.


(*) - The original purchaser at auction of the “Dale Jr. - The Victory Lap” 1-of-1 custom helmet NFT will be eligible for a “Ride with Dale Jr.,” furnished by The Dale Jr. Foundation. That experience will consist of meeting Dale Earnhardt in person and taking a ride with Dale around a speedway course. Travel and lodging are not included, and to participate, participants must agree to the customary terms for ride-alongs offered by The Dale Jr. Foundation (including signing a release agreement and agreeing to a background check, at the discretion of The Dale Jr. Foundation). The ride-along is anticipated to take place in August or September of 2022 at Bristol Motor Speedway in Tennessee, with specific timing and location subject to change in the discretion of The Dale Jr. Foundation and to be provided to the purchaser of the 1-of-1 custom helmet NFT. This ride-along utility is only available to the original purchaser at auction of the “Dale Jr. - The Victory Lap” 1-of-1 custom helmet and is non-transferable.

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