Cyberspace Tales Of The Past

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When: Fri Dec 31 2021 09:00:00 -0500
Platform: Crypto
Type: Fixed Price
Category: Art
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It's 1995, you're 9 years old and school starts in 45 minutes. You are feeling extra antisocial this morning so you fake a fever and convince your parents to stay home. Your parents are leaving for work and leave you in bed with a cup of tea. They kiss you goodbye and obey you to stay in bed all day. You are now home alone and your not yet brain-washed mind has endless creative potential. Your curiosity brings you to the family computer. You are not allowed to use it but your curiosity wins. You just pushed the start button and entered into a virtual world of endless possibilities. There is an earth-looking icon on the desktop. What happens if you click on it? You are tempted but scared at the same time. Your curiosity wins once again and you decide to see what this earth-looking icon is all about. You clicked on the icon and a new window has opened on the screen. You just discovered an entire virtual universe. To be continued...