Crypto Froggies

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When: Tue Aug 31 2021 23:55:00 -0400
Drop Price: 0.03 Type: Fixed Price
Category: Collectible
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Welcome to the world of Crypto Frogs, a living breathing ecosystem within the Ethereum Blockchain. Each frog comes with 12 different unique traits and 1 very special trait. Its float. Combine 2 Frogs together to generate 1 brand new random energy NFT. Those energy can then be used on any frog to increase its float. Therefor increasing its rarity.

The wallet holding the highest float Crypto Froggie at the end of each month gets 5% of the contracts balance. If we sell out that will be a 15ETH. Get playing.

This isn"t just another 10k pfp project. Check the roadmap below for the plan.