Contrastive Metaverse Series 1

Link: ⚡️ Visit Drop ⚡️
When: Tue Sep 21 2021 22:00:00 -0400
Drop Price: 2 SOL
No of Mints: 500
Type: Fixed Price
Category: Art
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This innovative and first of its kind NFT collection brings cutting edge AI generative art to the Solana blockchain. Metaverse I is Contrastive's first set of art, inspired by the parallels between our physical universe and the equally limitless and exponentially growing digital blockchain metaverse. This drop contains 500 unique NFT artworks at a mint price of 2 SOL.

How is it generated?

An AI is trained to match hundreds of millions of image/text pairs. Running it backwards allows it to generate new images by iteratively guessing what would make the current input image correspond better to a given sentence. You can see the matching process on the right. What this means is that each image is a reflection of our own perception of reality - as the internet created the dataset. This is most obvious with physical descriptions, but is utterly fascinating when applied to abstract concepts such as 'jealousy'. Metaverse I is an exploration of this, and only the first step in building AI capable of generating new realities.