kCOMING HOME feat.dilkadesh (Music video)

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When: Fri Sep 03 2021 06:00:00 -0400
Platform: KnownOrigin
Drop Price: 2.5 Eth
Artist: Gassan Aqel
Type: Fixed Price
Category: Art
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In a thousand pieces I remember coming home

blissful and sound, deranged and drowned

In a thousand pieces I remember coming home

This is a collaboration project between Gassan Aqel & dilkadesh (a Venezuelan band that consist of Carlos Omar Salas & Carlos Rey).

Coming home is a very personal story about being far away from your home for a long time and going back to it, knowing that nightmares and horrors awaits for you there.

During this project Gassan Aqel directed this music video and painted 4341 frames to achieve this result, everything was made from scratch.

dilkadesh made the song for this music video mixed it and mastered it by themselves.

Special Thanks to:

Aerrichi Setiawan - Drums

Daniel Aherne - Software consultant