Colorful Imagination

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When: Mon Jan 23 2023 09:00:00 -0500
Platform: Crypto
Category: Art
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How is your day? Our daily lives are busily flowing in a landscape we are all too familiar with. In the midst of it, we may be spending our day meaninglessly, sometimes feeling tired and sometimes bored.

If you spread your imagination a little bit in the daily life you are facing right now, it will be very interesting and change your day. If you tilt the landscape a little, another world is unfolding in it, and various worlds that we cannot see in reality are created. Fish swimming through a forest of buildings, a world where there is no division between the top and the bottom, the scenery that appears like a mirage, walking on the clouds... All these lead you into a more diverse world of imagination and stimulate your imagination. It will be more stimulating. Colorful imagination will fill your day with richer emotions. Enter the world created in Collage Land and imagine another with your own eyes and emotions. There are many more interesting worlds we haven't seen yet.

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