Catharsis Drop

Link: ⚡️ Visit Drop ⚡️
When: Tue Sep 21 2021 00:00:00 -0400
Type: Fixed Price
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Below is all the requested information! Would love to be listed, thanks friends! Feel free to use any or all details here:

We have created 1,424 Digital Ring Artworks, including size variations (ring size US 8-12), 4 unique styles, and 3 material finishes. Each ERC-1155 Ring token was created by hand and rendered (over 150 hours!) using industry animation software and will be released for minting exclusively on OpenSea.

Each Token is your claim to a matching physical ring, to be shipped once the drop is complete! Plus access to the Catharsis Collective: a rewards program for owners with tons of benefits (for more details check out

We have decided to drip release our tokens over time; 25 rings per day for nearly 2 months. This will avoid congesting the network with a big launch and gas wars, and allow more chances for people to get the ring they want! Each day will be an assorted batch of rings–certain finishes and sizes are rarer than others, but they are all rare (40 or less of each). For the drop times and style lineup each day, follow our Twitter @catharsisNFT (Discord coming soon!)

The Rings are priced based on their material finish:

Silver (Rare) – 0.1 ETH +gas (590 available)

Gold (Epic) – 0.2 ETH +gas (435 available)

Matte Black (Legendary) – 0.3 ETH +gas (375 available)

The Ring tokens are your Key to an array of awesome content and are the foundational blocks of the larger, long-term project we are embarking on.

Shorter-term, owning a Catharsis Ring will:

-Allow you to use your NFT to claim a real-life stainless steel version of your digital ring, to be shipped to you (Claim dates TBA)

-Grant you access to the 3D.STL files for limited use (3D printing, animation, character design, casting/forging, avatars)

-Grant you early access to our v[1.0] release, as well as a secret bonus based on your ring design and finish

-Allow for Decentraland avatar usage + other metaverse integrations

-Let you be the first to know about our upcoming Collab projects

-And much more, coming down the pipeline!

The real big plans are coming in drop v[1.0], and this release is our way of taking the first step into the NFT community. We want feedback, we want to connect and we want to build lasting relationships so our Collective project can expand. Feel free to reach out with questions and join the conversation!

Early supporters will be very, very well taken care of as we proceed into the future.