Carkayous Expedition #8: “The Blooming of the Psilofish”

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When: Tue May 03 2022 09:00:00 -0400
Platform: Crypto
Type: Fixed Price
Category: Collectible
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Jesse has created a fictitious continent called "Carkayous" in 2009 for all of his tattoos and art to reside. The next adventure on the docket is to Durken Forest (Expedition 8 - "The Blooming of the Psilofish") where we will explore a massive tattoo artist mega collaboration led by him. Each artist brought life to their own creature living in this forest.

Free Tattoos Five random explorers who document (aka hold) 5 critters within a "mini-composition" will receive a free tattoo by an artist of their choice (Subject to availability of artist) with Flight and Hotel included. More detail regarding "mini-composition" Snapshot: May 18th 9am EST / Both Primary and secondary and Non-Acorn

High Quality, Stretched Canvas Print All explorers who manage to document (aka hold) all 15 critters will receive an 18”x24”, high quality, Stretched canvas print of the full composition. More detail regarding "full-composition":

Digital Mega Art Collecting creatures in this adventure will allow you to interact with it on - filling in the digital composition when you connect your wallet.

Free Admission to Future Events All owners of a Carkayous NFT will receive free entry into any event that is hosted by Jesse Smith. This includes the Richmond Tattoo, Art and Music Festival. We also have plans to host additional live events (NFT focused) during future NFT weeks which you will receive free access to as well.

Airdrops The story of Carkayous doesn't stop with Expedition 8. This is just the beginning! Jesse has been exploring Carkayous since 2009 and has a TON of characters and content that he’s ready to share with everyone. As of right now we have 8 projects ready to go and will be rolling them out rather quickly over the next year. All Expedition 8 NFT holders will gain certain advantages on these upcoming drops. One of which will be free airdrops. You will definitely want to be one of the first collectors.

Acorn Airdrops We want to reward early explorers by giving away acorn airdrops. These acorns will be burnable for discounts for future Carkayous expeditions - if you choose to hold instead of burning, they will increase in value every expedition we launch. If you collect a mini-composition or full-composition, you will receive a special acorn that will generate acorns every single expedition. More detail can be found here:

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