Ben Baller Did The BlockChain

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When: Mon Nov 22 2021 19:30:00 -0500
Type: Fixed Price
Category: Avatar
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2000 Total Sale Supply The remaining 4000 can be created by using $BallerBars Mint Cost = 0.05 Whitelisting - Whitelisting mechanic integrated to ensure on-chain projects that came before us are included to reward their holders and also to give back to our BBDTBC community members . Allowing you to ignore gas wars and not deal with the FOMO feeling of attempting to purchase during public release. Reservations- Instead of making everyone go through the trouble of gas wars, we implemented a new type of system. When our public sale goes live, you will be essentially reserving a spot to mint the amount you requested. We will then close reservation periods and offer a tailored time period those who reserved. This process will help prevent gas wars. All reservations that are not fulfilled will be available for public when the time period concludes. Contract Security - The contract is designed to prevent bots from eating this release. There will be a max amount to be minted per wallet and additional parameters in our minting function to eliminate minting through contract. Human Solvable Challenges - Required to mint, completely eliminating web scrapers who can design a program to solve this challenge programmatically. This requires human input in order to successfully mint. Holding Staking Mechanics - We decided that we did not want to implement a traditional staking mechanic. With the price of ETH peaking, gas fees will only hurt us. With that being said, holding the NFT will automatically enable the generation of $BallerBars Burning Mechanics - A feature that allows you to take this project to the next level, some place that is extremely beneficial beyond the Metaverse 😉 Presale at 2:00PM EST, Public at 7:30PM EST