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When: Tue Mar 08 2022 08:00:00 -0500
Drop Price: 0.05 SOL
No of Mints: 8000
Type: Fixed Price
Category: Utility
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Needz Beez NFTs are a collection of 8000 digital art pieces of the world’s most prominent bees minted on the Solana Blockchain. This collection is based on 4 beehives: the bumblebee, leafcutter bee, honeybee, and the killer bee. Our unique artwork has 8 properties, 4 of which are 1-of-1, with more than 100 traits reflecting the exotic nature of bees on which human existence depends. Needz Beez is a venture launched by nature enthusiasts paving a new culture in the NFT community by fusing charity with utility benefits. This revolutionary collection will launch from The Hive on March 8th, 2022. Get your hands on the collection at a presale price of 0.5 Sol or a public price of 1 Sol per mint once released. Perks For The Hive Owners Needz Beez NFTs are available on the Solana Blockchain. Once you become a hive member, you will get access to exclusive events and features. These include hive sponsoring, P2E Metaverse Blockchain game, percentage of royalties, community wallet, NFT staking, exclusive Needz Beez merchandise, Needz Beez token, giveaways, and many more exciting things to come. Also, our hive members serve society in conserving a vital pillar of the worldwide ecosystem. The Inspiration Behind Needz Beez Bees are one of the world’s oldest food producers who have sustained human life through their exemplary fortitude and hardworking abilities. Bees and other pollinators are responsible for every third mouthful we eat. Unfortunately, Humans are significantly responsible for the decline of the bee population due to their exploitation of pesticides and invasion of natural habitats. It is time we take charge in supporting the bee community by contributing to the bee revolution. Our founders, out of a love of honey and nature, created Needz Beez. At Needz Beez, we believe in NFTs as an expressive way to provide charitable contributions through utility benefits for the holders. Furthermore, our digital art pieces can develop support networks for charitable contributions and other conservatory efforts. How Needz Beez Is Supporting Charities To protect the bee community on the verge of extinction, The Needz Beez Foundation will allocate up to 20% of sales & royalties managed through a Community Wallet to help worldwide bees. Needz Beez will help raise awareness in the community through digital assets meant to educate future generations on the importance of bees and ecological conservation. Moreover, we will align with charities interested in taking serious actions such as: preserving natural habitats and building a foundation for the future of bees. Make A Difference By Joining Us If you want to make an impact and save humanity, join the Needz Beez community and learn more about our unique Bee NFTs. You can follow us on Discord, Twitter (@NeedzBeezNft), and Instagram (@Needzbeez) and get regular updates and announcements regarding the launch of the Needz Beez NFT. The digital art pieces are limited, so pre-book yours and get an early bird discount before we run out of slots.

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