Ball Man

The BallMan Project is a collection of 5,555 unique digital Non-Fungible Tokens launched on the Ethereum blockchain and handcrafted by Stan Wawrinka AKA Stan The Man.

It’s the first ever NFT collection endorsed by an OG tennis legend. Dude’s a beast and his accolades are endless, but as a quick refresh Stan the Man is a 3-time Grand Slam Winner, an Olympic champion and a freaking Davis Cup winner.

This collection pays homage (literally) to his 2016 US OPEN Championship Victory in New York.

And FYI your Stan Avatar is more than artwork that stans Stan, it also gives you the chance to win up to 240 ETH during the first year – that’s $1,000,000 with 6 zeros. (see Rewards below)

The community can also unlock a series of next-level swag through roadmap activation, such as tennis rackets, tennis balls and t-shirts – all signed by Stan.