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When: Tue May 10 2022 17:00:00 -0400
Platform: Sound
Drop Price: 0.1 ETH
Type: Fixed Price
Category: Music
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The song AMAZING is a beautiful piece about being sexually free. When I wrote this song I was on cloud 9, high as a kite and I didn’t want to come down. Lost in my apartment slightly depressed and still questioning where I was in my life and my relationship with self at the time..I kept smiling at the fact I was beginning to feel free. All I can think about was the night before and the lyrics started flowing. The song is about having intimacy with a person you really like, and you haven’t had that in a while or for others you haven’t had it in that capacity at all. It also speaks about feeling free from judgement and wanting to have that feeling over and over again. That feeling you get where you think can touch God, that feeling you had when you’re on a vacation in Turks and Caicos Island and you dive in the water, and you feel how clean and beautiful it is as you swim to the surface. The adrenalin of you getting on your favorite roller coaster ride and in the beginning, you see the drop before the ride starts and once it starts you have no other choice but to commit. That’s the feeling, I had the feeling again and again and again and when I wanted it I got it. During the pandemic we all know some people haven’t had the correct intimacy from the right person. I would hear stories of people having amazing sex which is great but afterwards there was no recollection of it happening again or of this person staying. My experience was a bit different I can remember every piece, every placement, the smell, the sound, the colors I saw. It was almost like a musical cinematic movie but with a lot of drama and live action. In other words, a bunch of passion between two special individuals. The song is also therapeutic and calming because to me that’s what it was felt like in the beginning. I’m a cancer so my emotions run real deep.

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