3000KINGS is a collection of 3000 individually generated and animated GIF artworks. Each NFT is a direct descendant from a single original ‘parent’ digital-art piece, sold on SuperRare, which embodies franknitty3000’s signature surreal style. This collection combines unique traits and features deconstructed photorealistic collage characters whose mouths open, reveal hidden articles inside.

3000KINGS is the first chapter in franknitty3000’s exploration of a complete digital and real-world artistic vision. It is the start of an exciting journey to produce a series of unique digital fine art, collectibles, globetrotting pop-up exhibitions, merchandise and metaverse visual-experiences, which all comes together to illustrate a world he recognises as RRReality

The long term goal of RRReality is for it to become a shared canvas, open to curated guest artists and brands to host exhibitions and events, and to engage and explore Franknitty3000’s unique universe of idiosyncratic ideas.. Its scale and duration will be limited only by imagination.

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